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Of course, any reports or analyses of the well-being of families in the Boise Metropolitan area or in other regions of Idaho are limited by the availability of current data. In many cases, the most current data available may reflect assessments from a few years ago.

In an effort to encourage the continual updating of information from prepared reports, the Family Studies Initiative maintains a listing of internet sites with useful data relevant to monitoring the well-being of Idaho families. Each site is listed with a brief description and (in some cases) an example of the kinds of data summaries available from that site.

Children’s Defense Fund
Click on “Child Research Data and Publications” to get information about children specific to Idaho.
For example, for data summarized on this site in 2008, the percent of fourth graders reading below grade level was 65% and 60% were below grade level in math.

Idaho Kids Count
This website offers a vast amount of data relevant to children within and beyond the state of Idaho. For example, in 2008,16% of the children in Idaho were living in poverty and 13.3% of 6-17 year olds were without health insurance.

US Census
Considerable data relevant to families is available for both the nation as a whole and the state of Idaho on this website. For example, In 2008, 21.7% of the Idaho population was under the age of 18. The national average for this age group is 24.3%.

Idaho Rural Community Resources Tool
This website provides mapping tools for different data sources.

National Center for Children and Poverty
Provides data wizards on policies, demographics, and economic conditions for Idaho (and other states). For example, in 2009 in Idaho, there were 220,370 families, with 408,721 children. Among these children, 43 percent lived in families that were low-income, defined as income below twice the federal poverty level (nationally, 41 percent of children lived in low-income families).