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Community Collaboration

2015 Family Studies Conference 024

The Family Studies Initiative

The Family Studies Research Initiative hopes to promote university-community collaboration in areas of common interest (e.g., child and adolescent development, poverty and homelessness, domestic violence, education, health and mental health, suicide prevention).  Contact information and profiles of board members are available on this website.

Annual Spring Conference

In addition, the Advisory Board for the Family Studies Research Initiative organizes a yearly spring conference.  During the Spring 2015 conference, “Standing Together to Support and Strengthen Idaho Families”, Lauren Nechochea, Executive Director of Idaho Voices for Children, presented information on the state of families in Idaho and current challenges around health care and child support.  Community leaders, faculty and students meet together to discuss and promote early childhood education, strong school-to-work transitions, and to strengthen vulnerable families.  At the premier Reverse Research event, several community agencies and a number of faculty presented their work and potential avenues for collaboration.

On-going Research Projects

Idaho Youth Ranch Program Evaluation project