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The Family Study Program, under the Department of Psychology, offers an undergraduate minor as well as a graduate certificate. Students in Family Studies learn the theories, research, and intervention/practice necessary to understand and support individual development across the lifespan within the context of family and social systems. This includes how individuals develop and change from birth to old age, how families and communities influence these processes, and how to apply this knowledge in order to develop, implement, and evaluate interventions designed to improve people’s lives. Students will also explore the diversity of family structures and processes as well as the various ways in which persons develop within their social and familial contexts.

This program is intended to support and extend students’ preparations for careers in the areas of education, counseling, psychology, sociology, nursing, marriage and family therapy, social work, and public health and health psychology. Coursework for the program draws from the Psychology, Communications, Anthropology, Sociology, Public Policy and Administration, Criminal Justice and Counselor Education departments.